Queerdo seeks weirdo in Vancouver, BC. Fence-sitting optional depending on issue.

Partnered queer w.f. seeks (unusual?) friendship: Be trustworthy as fuck, and non-judgmental as Christ

Let's gather in ways that make each other better for knowing each other

There was a fun illustrator guy here in Vancouver named Dan who tried a thing last year. He put up an ad for a partner, with a $7000 reward attached. I don’t know if it worked but he sure got a lot of attention.

This is low-key like that. I don’t have a lot of time or energy to go about looking for friends the “normal” way and I’m not looking for “normal” people, probably, anyway. Some of my best friends are people I attracted to me through writing online. So, I’ve written this in case it might work AND…

I’ve written this to inspire more people to be more intentional about their relationships. I’d like to encourage folks to be more strategic and values-centric in how they design their lives and friendships, and hopefully my weirdness gives you permission to be similarly weird.


1. What makes me weird

2. The kind of people my broken heart craves

3. My 40th birthday marriage proposal to my friends

4. Seeking new friends, hopefully local — but I’m open if we’re soul-mate friend material

5. How I want to gather

What makes me weird

I’ve always been weird, as you’ll see, but the way in which I feel I’m weirdest might not be that weird at all. In fact, I’m hoping that the pandemic has produced many weirdos tired of the same things I’m tired of and looking for the same friendships I’m looking for.

Because there’s a way in which I feel like I never belong in the world and I worry that I’m doomed to feel broken-hearted for as long as I exist.

We live in a world so shaped by capitalism that we reflexively think competitively, comparing ourselves to people who we compare to other people, and judging, judging, judging judgingjudgingjudging like it’s the oxygen keeping us alive.

I don’t have a lot of close friends. More than some people, less than others. When you’re younger and there are glaring…



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